I’m Going Postal!

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA, but this post isn’t about me. Ha! One of the coolest guys in Los Angeles is raising money for his next album, Going Postal: Memoirs of Middle America, and he needs YOUR help to change hip hop for the better. Take a look:

I was introduced to Antoine through his blog, Letters to Ohio, and immediately knew there was something divinely special about him. I don’t sing everyone’s praises so you should know that he’s the real deal. Rarely before have I seen someone so committed to God through radical actions rather than empty words. His testimony blew my mind and luckily for us, his story is STILL IN PROGRESS.

From my understanding, God told Antoine to launch a Kickstarter campaign for 100K to fund his next album. And guess what? He did it! There are 19 days to go with a ton of money left to raise and, as expected, he’s still keeping the faith (and so am I).

To me, this campaign is worth much more than $114, 000. Watching him put time and effort into this IMpossible endeavor reminds me of what this Christ walk really means. It’s not up to us to know how things are going to work out; our only job is to believe that God knows what He’s doing.

Truth be told, I am SO excited to Go Postal! Regardless of how or when the album gets funded, I’m positive that God will use Antoine in unimaginable ways to reach the masses. Please please please do what you can to support a friend and distant mentor of mine. Hip hop is depending on it!

*You have until April 8, 2013 to receive some postal-icious merch! Check out his Kickstarter here.


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