About Makiah



Makiah Green is a writer, entrepreneur, and activist. She is the co-founder of Black Book LA, a thriving community of over 20,000 people that connects Black millennials to the best events and Black-owned businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area. By day, Makiah works creatively across film, television, and digital content at a production company focused on the multicultural market. Through her work, she aims to enlighten and empower communities of color through media, tech, and community organizing.

Makiah is a double graduate of the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Professional Writing and a B.A. in English-Creative Writing. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys rapping, photography, dancing wildly in public spaces, and impromptu beach escapades.


Email: makiahmgreen@gmail.com







3 responses to “About Makiah

  1. I like what you’re talking about. Nobody’s gonna be at my “judgement day” but me and God. That’s how I conduct my life.

  2. You now understand the narcissism and predatory nature of church leadership. Your personal covenant relationship with God and study of the word is all you need to stay connected.

  3. Hi Makiah,

    On Fri 7/29/2016 I e-mailed you info on a potential project you might find very rewarding entitled “Leaving the Church + Epidemic hitting African-American community + documentary film making”

    Hope to hear from you !!!

    – Keith

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