Makiah-isms 2016: A Year in Review


I cried on my 24th birthday.

I attended Sundance for the first time & considered missing my flight to see Birth of Nation. (I ended up not seeing it there and, well…)

I travelled to New York to celebrate MLK’s legacy and kicked it with Ryan Coogler + the United Blackout crew. #MLKNOW


I re-evaluated my dreams.

I loved.

I learned how to receive love.

I laughed until my stomach hurt.

I cried until my eyes were dry.

I didn’t watch the Oscars & finally realized just how shallow white validation is.

I celebrated #BlackGirlMagic in others & affirmed the magic within myself.


I mourned the loss of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Prince, and the myth of post-racial America.

I answered not one, but THREE calls from Denzel Washington. It was epic.

I went to church on Easter & was reminded of why I stopped going in the first place.

I celebrated an amazing anniversary with the man of my dreams.


I went to a Beyoncé concert for free and got my ENTIRE life.

I started believing – really believing – that I was beautiful.

I didn’t write as much as I wanted to & beat myself up for it.

I went viral.

I learned how to be a Hollywood assistant – failing miserably & succeeding triumphantly along the way. (Who knew confirming a meeting could be so exciting? Lol it’s the little things!)

I participated in the #TrapCover challenge and revived my not-so-secret dream to become a part-time rapper.

I got to see Maxwell for the free and it was beautiful. I may or may not have cried at This Woman’s Work.

I discovered the Underground Museum.

I co-founded Black Book LA, a community for Black millennials in LA, with the best business partner in the world.


I had one too many breakdowns & subsequent pep talks.

I read too many scripts & books to count.

I forgot what free time feels like.

I fought white supremacy and lost.

I visited the NMAAHC and am still processing the grave reality of what it means to be Black in America.


I sent in my Ancestry DNA sample to discover my history and reclaim my heritage. (Will keep you posted!)

It’s been a crazy year to say the least both personally and socially, but I am so grateful to have an amazing circle of people surrounding me, keeping me lifted even when I feel like sinking.


Here’s to a new year of love & liberation!

Happy New Year!

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