I Know (Why They’re Scared of You)


They’re scared of you, black
They can’t see you in the dark, but
They run from you anyway

You are the dark
You, black, are my scapegoat
You, black, are my not so secret hiding place from the blinding white

The world has found out about us
The ghost has never been clear, black; they lied
The black devil isn’t black after all

He’s dangerous black
He who has remained nameless could be night
He resembles my knight and matted armor

We all know color is vein deep
We’ve all ingested hate through the black IV drip and
We’ve all tried to hide it under our guilt-tripped skin

Black, stop entertaining ignorance and define yourself
Black, you’ve been used to right the weaker colors’ wrongs
Black, even through the abuse

I will always recognize you in the crowd
I envy your ability to force the others into irrelevant shades of absence
I think you’re powerful by definition, black

I know why they’re scared of you, black

3 responses to “I Know (Why They’re Scared of You)

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  2. This is awesome, i read it 4 times and every time I find something that makes me say “whooooooooooo shhiiizzzzz!, keep up the good work… It will definitely be rewarded.

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