What Am I Doing?

It’s 1:00am. As I was debating whether or not to sleep, do my homework or spend time with God, I realized that my priorities are out of order. My schedule has never been crazier than it is right now. I won’t list my current obligations, but on weekdays I usually don’t have time to eat lunch or dinner. (This is a problem, I know. I’m working on it. Don’t worry)

For some reason I concluded that since I’m so busy, God wouldn’t mind if I took an extended leave of absence from my Kingdom duties. Since my classes are so intertwined with my destiny (I’m currently outlining a TV pilot, writing a spec script, and producing a short film), I don’t need to tend to the lost souls around me. All of the people I’m called to reach through television and film will benefit more if I devote all of my time to my craft, right? Wrong!

If I can’t find time to minister to my peers and manage my blog now, what makes me think I’ll have time when I’m a TV Showrunner? If I’m cutting my devotion short every morning to finish my homework, how likely am I to meditate on God’s word when I have a pile of scripts to read and write coverage on? If I’m scared I will run out of gas money if I give a whole $10 to a homeless woman, how willing will I be to invest thousands back into my community once I “make it?”

In all of my busyness, I failed to remember that tomorrow really isn’t promised, no matter how many visions God has shown me of my future. Tonight could be my last night on earth. When I stand before the Throne, God won’t be concerned with my college GPA. He’s going to ask me why I didn’t reach out to the crying girl at EVK, the broken brother in my class, and the starving woman on the street.

Brothers and Sisters, don’t get so caught up in “the grind,” that you forget what’s most important in this life. Find the time every day to encourage, uplift, or inform someone with the love of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom is waiting for us to simply share our truth with others. Don’t get so caught up in the future that you neglect your present. There are people who need you NOW.

If I’m too busy to write to the few who are reading this post, I’ll be far too overbooked to reach the millions later. Live for today. It’s all we have.

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2 responses to “What Am I Doing?

  1. I’m glad that you wrote this article, because so many people get caught up in busy work. They forget about the importance of their current activities. It’s weird also, that a lot of what people do is what they choose, including myself. No one is forcing them to and like I always hear, we can not reach out to others if we are not filled ourselves. So we have to keep our plans in His will

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