Pray for Yeezy Jr.


I don’t follow celebrity news (hopefully you don’t either), but I couldn’t avoid the massive amounts of tweets and statuses about Kim and Kanye’s pregnancy. I can’t quite determine how I feel about the news, but I realized this morning that my feelings don’t matter.

People seem to think that the excessive attention and air-time devoted to celebrities grant them the right to judge. I understand that it’s hard to mind your business when others are consistently vomiting theirs all over your computer screen, but the collective sense of entitlement has reached a despicable level. If the Kardashians intrigue you, by all means talk about them, but I cannot condone the blatant hate and disrespect that has surfaced since the rise of social media, especially from Christians.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant! The ability to conceive a child is a blessing from God that should never be taken likely. There is no reason why her unborn child should be cursed for simply existing within her womb. Would you rather her get an abortion in an effort to save face? I can guarantee that the public would denounce that, too. Here’s some gossip worth spreading: we ALL fall short of the glory of God and will be required to account for each and every one of our sins.

Have you ever lusted? If your answer is no, you’re lying. If your answer is yes,you too have committed adultery in your heart.

Yes, it is extremely interesting that Kim Kardashian is still legally married to Kris Humphries with a baby on the way by Kanye. But let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Kim and Kanye’s lifestyle, it is our duty not to condemn them. Our conviction is to pray for them. Raising a child is no joke! They are going to need all the guidance they can get…and then some. As believers, we should already be interceding for Yeezy Jr. We should be praying that he or she will defy all expectations and grow up to be a respectable child of God and that Kim and Kanye will develop a relationship with God in the process. Is that too Christ-like for you?

It is unfortunate that mainstream media has given celebrities so much power, but since they already have it, it is our duty to influence them through prayer. If we don’t, sex scandals and legal troubles will continue to clutter our news feeds. Our words have power. If you are prophesying that Little Miss KimYe will be a college dropout porn star, you will be partially responsible if and when she makes her debut on WorldStar.

Instead of complaining and scoffing at every pointless headline, exercise your power to shape American culture. Utilize your relationship with the Creator of the universe to influence the world.

2 responses to “Pray for Yeezy Jr.

  1. This was well-written, and you expressed my sentiments exactly.

    I couldn’t avoid the talk about Kim’s pregnancy either, thanks to social media. It’s unfortunate that people have already damned an unborn child.

    Thank you for reminding us of our Christian conviction to pray.

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