Winter Break 2012!


Hallelujah, I’m FREEEEE!!! I am creating this bucket list in order to hold myself accountable over the next month. 2012 has been a defining year for me and I need to make sure I finish off strong! I did this for Summer 2012 and it proved to be effective enough so leggo!


  1. Serve and engage with the L.A. homeless population
  2. Go ice skating at L.A. LIVE
  3. Pasadena International House of Prayer
  4. Go to the beach at night
  5. Dance at The Arc Dance Lounge
  6. Blog consistently (at least twice a week)
  7. Plan 21st birthday “Dream Fest”
  8. Make a huge tent in the living room w/ both of my brothers
  9. Read good books
    1. Produced By Faith by DeVon Franklin
    2. Crazy Love by Franchis Chan
    3. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
  10. Get my life together (Haha)
  11. Find new hair products
  12. Find income source(s)
    1. Update wardrobe
  13. Cook food 🙂
    1. Bake brownies for Santa
    2. Bake a funfetti cake for Santa’s elves
  14. Create something like this: tumblr_mf2ecoST3w1qfhsuxo1_500

Professional Development

  1. Record a mixtape
  2. Work on feature script
  3. Practice writing script coverage

School Related Stuff

  1. Pre-plan RA programs 
  2. Brainstorm/research SBG Fun Board events
  3. Mentally prepare for next semester

Spiritual Goals

  1. Draw nearer to God (So broad, I know)
  2. Get to know Jesus on a deeper level
  3. Distinguish God’s voice from others’
  4. Practice PATIENCE!
  5. Expand my compassion for others

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