40 Facts About Me

  1. I couldn’t decide which fact to post first so I wrote this and that speaks volumes about my indecisive nature
  2. I like to watch people eat
  3. I often feel misunderstood and will get upset if you claim to “understand” me (I believe that you can’t fully know anyone)
  4. I think I want to get married, but I feel like I’m cheating on God whenever I think about it
  5. I think I’m bipolar, but according to my rushed Google search, I’m not experiencing all of the symptoms
  6. I eat ice cream with a fork.
  7. I like my milkshakes SUPER thick. If it can slide through the straw, I don’t want it
  8. I lowkey have a heart problem, but I don’t like to talk about it
  9. I often think of death, when I will die, what Heaven is really like, and if I’ll make it in
  10. Quality time is my top love language
  11. I am secretly possessive and jealous…but I’m working on it. Hallelu
  12. I still hate confrontation
  13. People think I’m strong because of my apparent disregard
  14. I cry almost every day
  15. I want to change the world by spreading Jesus through television, movie scripts, other writings, and music
  16. I like to run errands and shop by my lonesome
  17. My standards for love and friendship probably exceed yours
  18. I’m quick to completely de-associate with people who lose my trust and/or respect
  19. I only work hard when there’s no other option (So sad, I know. I’m working on it this summer, though. So far, so so)
  20. I looove meaningful and progressive conversation
  21. My favorite color is inconsistent. Today, it’s bright green.
  22. I’ve fallen in love with long dresses. I feel beautiful in them.
  23.  My toenails are my biggest source of insecurity, but I still rock sandals because it is what it is
  24. I have a dangerously selective memory
  25. I’ll probably be too scared to have sex on my wedding night. I’d rather just…not.
  26. I could live on the beach…forever
  27. I’m not always comfortable in my own skin and hair, but I fear others will lose hope and confidence if I do
  28. I enjoy answering weighty questions
  29. Finding balance in humility has been one of my biggest challenges lately (along with respect, submission to authority, and the list goes on)
  30. I love sleep, but I don’t value it…at all (shoutout to my fellow all-weekers)
  31. I take my plans very seriously and try to avoid flaky people
  32. I’ve never been in real love with anyone other than God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (we all have separate relationships)
  33. The love I thought I had before was really a mixture of lust, infatuation, insecurity and other things
  34. I’ve tried multiple times to tone down my personality, but I can’t sit quietly in a room and be completely content.
  35. Inefficiency is my #1 pet peeve
  36. Good scripts satisfy me beyond expression
  37. I become really sad, depressed even, when movies end and I realize my life is still reality
  38. I hope that people want and care to read this
  39. I’ll probably add to this list as I explore more of myself
  40. I don’t have a 40th fact. I just wanted to end on a wholesome number…I guess you could consider that as insight…

Tis all, folks! Have questions? Ask me 🙂

5 responses to “40 Facts About Me

  1. i ❤ this post makiah. i know that God has great thigns planned for you. you're beautiful inside and out. you may be younger than me, but your a role model is so many ways. glad i met you in lodndon love. xoxo

    • Clearly, I’m tired lol –> I ❤ this post Makiah. I know that God has great things planned for you. You're beautiful inside and out. You may be younger than me, but you're a role model in so many ways. I'm glad I met you in london, love. xoxo

  2. Lovely! I appreciate the fact that you’re getting to know yourself a little better my fellow Trojan! #FIGHT ON! BTW I enjoy the posts.

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