Summer 2012

Photography by Najee Omar (I think)

As you may know, I do not have an actual job this summer. Long story short, God told me to rest, write, and leap into womanhood. So that’s what I’ve been doing…or trying to. After a month of a relatively uneventful summer, I realized that my time is limited. This could be my last summer as I know it so I made a bucket list.

(Inspired by’s 100 life goals)

Writing out my life goals is a bit extreme right now so I’ll stick to 2 months worth of plans 🙂 Let me know if you would like to join me on any of my adventures. I’ll be blogging about each outing worthy of a post!

*The lines in color have been conquered!

Summer Bucket List


  1. Finish at least 1 spec script
  2. Character sketch for TV pilot (In Progress)
  3. Finish TV pilot
  4. Run a consistent, quality blog
  5. Do a photo series for every adventure 🙂 *Photographers, what up?!
  6. Complete USC MPW application


  1. Six Flags
  2. Beach day(s)
    1. Venice
    2. Coronado Island
    3. Mission Bay Beach, San Diego
    4. Malibu
    5. Manhattan
    6. Will Rogers!
  3. Da Poetry Lounge
  4. Rhetoric 2012
  5. LA River Double Trespass (Insider)
  6. Hawai’i !!!
  7. Santa Barbara
  8. Nor Cal
    1. Monterey Bay
    2. Stockton
  9. San Diego Zoo (Too expensive :/)
  10. Balboa Park, San Diego
  11. LACMA Jazz Nights
  12. Vegas
  13. Downtown Disney
  14. Hollywood sign
  15. La Brea Tar Pits
  16. Explore Chinatown
  17. Griffith Observatory on a clear day
  18. Rodeo Drive
  19. Sunset Blvd.
  20. Catalina Island (Free USC ferries are cancelled for summer *tear*)
  21. Pasadenaaaaaa
  22. CAAM
  23. CA Science Center
  24. Explore Silver Lake
  25. Skirball- Noah’s Ark Exhibit
  26. LA Natural History Museum 
  27. San Diego Botanical Garden
  28. South Coast Botanic Garden
  29. LA Art Walk
  30. Yosemite (This is a stretch)
  31. Swim!
  32. Rock out at a FREE concert
  33. Dance downtown!

Life Skills (LOL)

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Work out CONSISTENTLY!!!!!!!
  3. Learn to cook actual food
  4. Learn to do manicures & pedicures
    1. Charge my 1st customer 😀 😀 😀
  5. Learn to sew
    1. Fix all my broken dresses (I fixed one! But I kinda messed it up, too. Haha work in progress)

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