Get It Twisted

My nappy hair is a protest

I refuse to pick it

I don’t think Afros are cute

And I don’t respect those who do

Microsoft Word insists that I capitalize Afro

Those unhip spellcheck geeks must be stuck in the 60s

Most of my people haven’t gotten their combs stuck in years

Kinks aren’t in style anymore. Haven’t you heard?

“Straight hair is easier to manage”

It’s also easier to manage a country of brainwashed Black folk who believe that democratic=Black

I don’t support the “Go Natural” because it’s trendy movement

I support parents who have sense enough not to relax their daughters’ hair in the first place

Who told you it was worth it to burn your scalp just to wash it out? Society?

What’s Society’s last name?

Don’t worry. I’ll wait

You blame The Man?

If a man values your hair over you, he doesn’t deserve you anyway

Or maybe he does

You don’t even know your worth, but you expect him to?

My rant is not poetic

My frustrations don’t flow

And it pisses me off that I don’t know which flag to wave

I was given a hyphen and told to shove it in between my legs

American is far too generous

African-dash-American is too broad and

Black is oversimplified

I’m sick of labels, but I want a real last name

Tell me where you stole my mothers from and I’ll buy the plane ticket myself

since America doesn’t have any more money. Sorry beggars


But Academia isn’t ready for my modern day Garveyism

I’m supposed to sit back, relax, and take advantage of the free financial aid that

doesn’t apply to me

I’m expected to go to class and not speak out when “nigger” is read aloud

because it’s literature

I’m supposed to be happy that Black people, whatever that means,

make up 7% of the student body even though most are athletes.

We all know college athletes are just indentured servants who sweat and bleed for

free degrees that won’t score them anything outside of the NFL field that most

won’t even get to play on.

I’m expected to speak “White people English” in class. Ebonics isn’t taught here, homegirl.


And of course, it’s my fault that my bike got stolen

I shouldn’t have to secure the lock to the frame

I pay fifty-seven thousand dollars a year

Doesn’t that include security?

It doesn’t include heat. My room is freezing

I work 20+ hours a week for my “free” housing

Don’t get it twisted



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